Consultant Profile

Robateau, Founder & CEO

Daiston Consulting, Inc

Angelique Robateau has 25+ years of professional experience in solving business problems through strategic and critical thinking. She measures success by her clients’ satisfaction and by delivering innovative solutions. With a Master’s of Science in Biomedical Informatics (MSBI) from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Management Information Systems (MIS) from PACE University, she has served many Fortune 500 clients in different industries as both an employee and as Principal/Independent Consultant of her corporation.


Angelique has held various key business and technical positions during her career and remains passionate about analysis, research, innovation and business transformation which she applies to all of her projects. In her current role as Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and Senior IT Manager, she spearheads many key initiatives that are transforming the way her organization serves its clients.


She served on the IIBA® Practice Analysis Study committee where she assisted in the creation of a survey slated for the global Business Analysis community. As a member of the IIBA Competency Model committee, she examined the activities, knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to be effective in business analysis.  Serving on the IIBA Test Specifications committee, she took results of the Practice Analysis survey and created test specifications for the CCBA® and CBAP® certifications.

Angelique enjoys serving her community and is actively involved in developing the professional aspects in young adults.

When Angelique is not working she enjoys relaxing on one of the many beaches of her native Belize. She also enjoy all water sports, listening and dancing to all types of music and loves spending time  with her family and friends.

I am a knowledge junkie. I’m always ‘testing’ myself. This is a hobby with great benefits. I need to be mentally challenged consistently. I do believe this quest for knowledge contributes positively to my career, but that’s not the driver. I have always had a desire to truly understand a situation and I’m curious about the resulting ripple effects.  It’s not enough for me to know something, I need to understand the “why.”



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